Thursday, February 19, 2009

sO MucH tO cAtCh uP...

wow, I didn't realize it had been so long since I had posted anything. there have been a few things going on to keep us busy, but not too much.
first off, we put tile in our bathroom and in our entry way by our front door. I can't believe I put carpet in those two places when we built our house....what the helk was I thinking?! we like how it turned out though.

next was a snow storm we had back in January. Bryn wanted so badly to go out and play in it. well this is the first time she has actually had the chance to play in it. she hasnt had boots or pants that allowed her to play in it. so I finally bought some and she absolutely LOVED playing in it.

here is porter....white-washing himself.....confused that a child would want to do this....not if you know porter!

making snow angels

for valentines this year we decided not to fight the crowds and just stay home and spend some time with the kids. we barbequed steaks and grilled cut shrimp. (they taste like lobster) mmm. it was sooo good. the kids thought it was a hit. but of course i forgot to take pictures...not a big surprise there.