Thursday, August 21, 2008


is not so little any more!! He is now officially 7 years old! all he wanted this year was money and thats about all he got. which he was totally happy about. he ended up with $215!!! wow! he couldn't believe he was that rich!! actually, he is saving half to buy a toy he wants. (picture of it at bottom of post) I hope you had a great birthday bud! we love you so much!!

this is a candy poster Auntie Tammy gave him, but of course, before I could get a picture of it with him he had already tore into the candy! (note there is also money)
blowing out the big 7

this year he didn't want a decked out cake (which I was sad about, cuz its fun decorating them, but oh well) he picked out what he wanted on it....pretty plain. but it was his most favorite (and mine) cake...rainbow chip with rainbow chip frosting. yummmm!

they couldn't believe all the money he was getting!!

this is his final show! I'm sooo jealous Porter!!
and this is what he wants to buy with some of his money, he can't wait to go get it!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

BaCk tO sChoOL wE Go!

Today was the first day back to school. the kids were excited to be going back, but were sad to see summer was over! Braxton is in 5th grade (is this real?!) and is in Ms. Waters class. he is really excited about this because that is his really good friend Bridger's mom (which Bridger is also in this class) hope they dont talk too much :)
Porter is in 1st grade and is in Mrs. Issa's class. he was really excited to be in her class cause he thinks she is sooo nice! (plus she is a good friend of mine, so that was nice) it was so funny the other day Porter and I were talking about school and I told said to him, "You know Mrs. Issa won't put up with your crap." and he said, "Ya I know, she won't put up with anything!" I was laughing. he was so serious about it to!

Brax, you are no longer my little boy, you have grown up so much and I can't believe it! good luch in school this year, I know you will do great! I love you!

full body pic!

my wild child Porter! you are getting so big, I just can't believe you are almost 7! good luck in 1st grade, and always do your best. and remember I love you bud!

full body shot

Monday, August 04, 2008

Oh what do you do in the SUMMERTIME?!

water balloon fights! swimming in the pool! having yummy treats!

revenge is sweet!! Stacey dunkin Braxton cuz he dumped a bucket of water on her!! so she got him back!

the kids: Porter, Bryn, Say, Bry, Stock,Ledg, & Brax

call me sneaky!

are we having fun or what?!

nothin beats a nice cold punchbag on a hot summer day!

Bryn & Stock playin at the water table

water balloon fight!! yea

more water baloon fun

squeezin a balloon on Ledg! :)

more fightin'

Brylee sittin in the shade!