Saturday, September 11, 2010


On July 25th Brax got ordained a Deacon! I seriously can't believe he is old enough to pass the sacrament!! My kids are growing up way too fast and I am not liking that!!

Family Pictures

Brynlee seriously makes us laugh all the time!! I told her to pose and she just went at it!! she was doing all kinds of poses! it was hilarious!! she was having so much fun coming up with what to do! :)

First Day of School!!

I can't believe its already time for another school year to start! summer went by way too fast!! heres the scoop for this year!

Braxton Jay: 12 yrs old- 7th Grade: Mrs. Parsons (homeroom teacher)

Porter James: 9 yrs old- 3rd Grade: teacher: Mrs. Twitchell

Brynlee Mae: 4 yrs old- Preschool: teacher: Mrs. Bradshaw
of course as soon as she got there she went straight to the babies!!

Porter's Birthday!!

Porter turned 9 on August 21st! I just can't believe he is that old already! it seems like just yesterday he was 2! Porter is a pretty good kid when he wants to be!! he loves being outdoors! his favorite new thing is his rip-stick he bought with his birthday money! he rides that sucker everywhere and loves it! he is pretty darn good with it too! his dad is pretty good with it too! :) me....not so much! LOL! I can't seem to stay on it! This kids got attitude!! when he is in trouble or doesnt want to do something, we all know it! :) we are working on that :) but he is getting better the older he gets! But he can also be the sweetest boy ever! We love ya bud, and hope you had an awesome birthday!

Krew enjoying those blue frosting cupcakes!!this is what Porter wanted instead of a cake! frosting + lots of little kids=stained faces and MESSY!!


We have had several major downpours here! everytime it happens our front yard gets flooded! so i snapped a few pics! The city finally came and fixed in front of our house, so hopefully this doesn't keep happening because everytime it rains heavy like this, it gets closer and closer to our basement windows!!

Braxton turns.....

12?!?! what?! I can't believe he is that old! it sure doesn't seem like he should be! My little boy is no longer little, he grew up and is now....TALLER than me! aahhh!! I never thought that would happen! (well I always hoped it wouldn't!) Brax is such a great kid! he is always so willing to help me out and pretty much does what I tell him! (most of the time) He really is the greatest kid ever! he is so smart about everything, and he teaches me so much!! We are so proud of all that he has done and accomplished! We love ya Brax and hope you had a happy 12th birthday!!

everyone enjoying the talking!

I had to put this pic of Stacey showing her food! :) ahaha!!           sweet baby Hadlee!        Aunt Jeanie, Brax and Grandma Mert
                                        all the little kids enjoying an otter pop!

Utley Family Reunion....

This year the Utley Family Reunion was held on July 16-18. Kelly was in charge of it so we went to Fishlake! we had a lot of fun, even with the mosquitoes that about ate us alive!! seriously....they really did! we all had so many bites it was CRAZY!! my poor niece got bit all over her face, and when she woke up the next morning she looked awful! her poor face was so swollen she could barely see! so sad! the kids had projects they did, and colored shirts again this year. we had some GREAT food, good laughs, lots of rain and cold, but we had fun!! I of course forgot my camera, so i didnt get really any of my kids since I didnt have my darn camera! so heres what I stole from other family memebers! :)

Grandpa, Kathleen, and all the grandkids that were there!
Brynlee and Traylfamily picture...
this is my poor niece Scarlet, seriously...this picture does NOT do it justice~you seriously could not tell she
 even had a nose if you looked at her profile!