Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Porters Birthday, Back to School, and Labor Day Weekend

Porter turned the big 10 back in August, He didn't want a cake this year. Instead he wanted baseball cupcakes. I got a whole 2 pictures and not sure what happened after that! He had a great birthday. He got to take some of his friends over to the bowling ally and bowl. He asked for money from everyone and he also got a new bike! Happy Birthday Bud!

We started back up with a new school year with all 3 kids in school this year! Braxton is on his last year at the middle school.... *GULP*  I still can't believe he will be in high school! Porter started the 4th grade and is in Mrs. Larsen's class. Brynlee started Kindergarten and is in Mrs. Elmers P.M class. she absolutely LOVES school!!

Over Labor Day weekend we went for a ride up on the mountain and had tin foil dinners. we had a great time even though it kept raining on us! The drive up there was GORGEOUS!! The color of all the trees were stunning!! The pics do not do them justice at all!! It was a great way to end the summer!!

Wednesday, August 03, 2011

what??...another post?!

 Sheesh....something must be wrong with me!! I have posted two days in a row! LOL
The most recent event we celebrated was the 24th of July! This is one of my favorite holidays! Maybe because its 3 days worth of entertainment and things to do! :) My awesome grandpa was in the parade this year so I had to post a pic of him!! Love him so much!!

 Brynlee and her two little friends, Emjay and Laken watching the parade and catching candy!
 Braxton watching the parade!
 Porter was in the parade this year with the All Star team...this is the only pic I got because I did not want to get squirted with the water guns LOL He is the one with the boot on! :)
We had our annual Utley Family Reunion the middle of July. it was Kort and Gingers turn to pick. We went up on Monroe Mountain and had a great time! we had good food, good company, and crazy horse shoe tournaments! Next year it is our turn!! cant wait to come up with some fun things to do...already writing them down!! hehe

 LOL...I always tell my husband that whatever pictures I take I put on the blog....well.....he chose to pull a face and well....lets just say I have a special man! haha
 and....my darling daughter has taken after her dad!
 BEST FRIENDS!! These two love playing with each other and always have the best time together!!
 Cute Little Eli! so shy yet he wants to be your friend!

 Wish this kid would let me take his pic more often! :)

Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Can you believe I am posting?!?!!

 I know I am such a slacker!! But how many people really care about my blog or read it?! :) So much has happened since I last posted! so this will be a super long post! I will start with the most recent....

Braxton celebrated his 13th birthday in July....13!!! Holy cow I can't believe he is that old!! He is such an great kid and so fun to be around! We love you bud and are so proud to call you ours!

    Here he is showing off all his money...he wracked in a grand total of 225 smackeroos!!
 His favorite cake....Strawberry Cake! YUM!
 We went to Yuba Lake a couple weeks ago with Jason and Lori Mitchell and had a BLAST!! The kids had so much fun!! Thanks for taking us with you!

 My baby girl celebrated her 5th Birthday in May! She was so excited to be turning 5 because that means she gets to go to Kindergarten! yay for her....boo for me! I cant believe she is growing up so fast!!

 For her birthday cake this year she wanted a Candy Land cake...and boy was it ever!! Totally loaded with all kinds of candy! I think everyone was on a sugar high after eating this cake! But she couldn't have been any happier with it!
 Brynlee had her year end recital in May and she did UH-MAZING!! she is such a little dancer and loves to perform and shake that booty of hers! LOL One of her dances was to a...are you ready?....a JUSTIN BEIBER song!! she LOVES him and was so excited to be dancing to his song!

 Porter went down to Panguich to play in a baseball tournament and they won it! Great job Porter!! He is such a good little player and has gotten even better throughout the season! He was on the 9U all-star team this year and played so good! we were playing state in Richfield and were down to two games left when we had to take him in to get his foot checked because it had been bothering him now for 2 weeks! so come to find out it had been FRACTURED!!! the poor thing had been playing ball with a broken foot for 2 whole weeks!! what a tough cookie!! so he was so upset he couldnt finish off the season, but he played awesome!!

 Brynlee's graduation program from preschool! she went to Mrs. Bradshaw and LOVED her!!  Happy Graduation baby girl!

 One day it started raining really hard and then turned to HAIL!! they were coming down HARD!!

 Looks like the Easter Bunny made his visit this year! Braxton would NOT let me take a pic of him this early in the morning! LOL

On another note....Josh and I celebrated our 13th wedding anniversary! I can't believe we have been married for that long! It seems like just yesterday we were on our way to get married! Time sure does fly! I love him more and more everyday! My heart still pitter patters when I see him! (yes mushy, but its the truth LOL) I cant wait to see what the next 13 years has to offer!! I think thats about it for now! I do have some pics from camping and the 24th I need to blog about but this will have to do for now!!