Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Porters Birthday, Back to School, and Labor Day Weekend

Porter turned the big 10 back in August, He didn't want a cake this year. Instead he wanted baseball cupcakes. I got a whole 2 pictures and not sure what happened after that! He had a great birthday. He got to take some of his friends over to the bowling ally and bowl. He asked for money from everyone and he also got a new bike! Happy Birthday Bud!

We started back up with a new school year with all 3 kids in school this year! Braxton is on his last year at the middle school.... *GULP*  I still can't believe he will be in high school! Porter started the 4th grade and is in Mrs. Larsen's class. Brynlee started Kindergarten and is in Mrs. Elmers P.M class. she absolutely LOVES school!!

Over Labor Day weekend we went for a ride up on the mountain and had tin foil dinners. we had a great time even though it kept raining on us! The drive up there was GORGEOUS!! The color of all the trees were stunning!! The pics do not do them justice at all!! It was a great way to end the summer!!