Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Our trip to the zoo!!!

we took a trip up to the zoo before it got too cold. The kids had a great time and enjoyed seeing all the animals! Brynlee absolutely LOVED the monkeys that were swinging around and making LOUD noises!! (I dont remember the kind of monkey they were, but they were so funny) anyways, it was perfect weather, and we seen all the new baby animals that were born! The baby elephant was so darn cute, it kept playing with a red ball. not too many pictures were taken cuz my camera is broke and so I borrowed my moms, well I get up there and turn on the darn thing and its battery is DEAD!! aaahhhh! so I ended up using only my camera that is on my phone. I did take a pic of Bryn if front of the big tortoise but somehow it got erased from my phone, but it was so cute. oh well, atleast I got SOME pics, right?!
Braxton in front of the mountain lion

Brynlee showing how big she is next to the gorillas! she is the size of a juvenile gorilla!!

Braxton showing how big he measures up! Almost the size of the adult one Brax....almost! :)

Porters gotta give it a try too! ooohhh the size of an adult female!

Brynlee on the 2 second train ride! haha, thats about how long it was!

Braxton and Porter on the train ride.

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Brynlee's First Day of Preschool!!!

well the time has come....I can't believe my baby is old enough to go to preschool!! it makes me so sad that she is growing up on me so fast. I want her to stay little forever! (I want all my kids to stay little) I think we all wish for that!! she has been looking forward to this day since the boys started back. everyday she would ask if its her turn. she is such a silly little girl! we just love her to pieces!! she sure has her brothers under her thumb :) she did great on her first day of school. she has Mrs. Bradshaw as her teacher and is so excited!

ready to go to school!

I was trying to get a decent pic of us.....but of course I ask Bryn to smile good this is what she does!!!
attempt #1.....

attempt #2....

attempt #3....

attempt #4.....

OH WELL!!! I tried right?! thats why we love her so much cuz she keeps us laughing! :)