Tuesday, July 13, 2010

4th of July camping trip Payne side!

every year for the 4th of July we all hi-tail it out of the caos of the parade and heat and head up the mountain to have some relaxation and great time! we had a great time eating wonderful food, playing games, riding motorbikes and just laughing! we extended the stay longer than usual, which ended up being for 5 nights! talk about tons of laundry when we got home!! Since the 4th fell on a Sunday, Richfield chose to celebrate on the 5th. so we came home that afternoon, and went and watched the fireworks. They were kind of long, but they were good.

playing on the swing!!
motorcycle rides *Bryn and Saylor*
Braxton and Morghan

                                                         more swinging
Brianne and my dad

Rhett climbing trees!!
horseshoe tournaments....
me and the hubs!
marshmallow roasts!       
my husband is special! :)       
eating dinner
Porter and Hayden playing baseball
watching the fireworks!!