Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Brynlee gave her very FIRST talk a couple Sunday's ago in Primary! she did such a SUPER job!! I am so proud of her for getting up there. she started off a little shy, but soon found out it was fun to talk in the microphone!! :) she talked about her family and why she loves each on of them!! GREAT JOB Brynlee! we are so proud of you!!
I put her hair in sponge curlers to see how her hair would turn out! when I got done she went into the bathroom and looked in the mirror and this is the face she pulled and put her hands out and said, "What the crap?" LOL! it was funny! she is always saying things that make us laugh!Josh was trying out his new backpack and it is big enough to fit Brynlee in! she thought is was so much fun being packed around! she would get down in it so we couldnt see her at all and then she would pop up and say  peek-a-boo!!

Saturday we went to Porter's wrestles. The power was out until about 10:00. so we sat in the dark for quite some time waiting! what a day!! (glad its over) anyways, Porter did a great job! He didnt do as good this year as he did last but its the experience that counts!! he got pinned his first round and his second he lost by points. his third match he pinned the kid FAST! he took third place so he got a metal! he was pretty darn happy! we are so proud of him, he did a great job!!

Then we came home from the wrestles and the kids wanted to play in the snow we received overnight! we built forts and had snowball fights, white washing, snowman building and had lots of fun!

Monday, February 15, 2010

major catch up!

So it has been a couple weeks since I have posted anything and there has been some things that I haven't posted about. First off, my father-in-law got remarried  this past Friday to a gal named Kathleen. Congrats to them and wish them the best of luck! glad to have Kathleen in the family!!. Then Josh and I went up to Salt Lake with Josey and Jenn for a little getaway without the kids! (thanks to my sister who is always so willing to watch my kids, she is AWESOME!!) we went to the hunting expo(boring, but oh well :) ) then we met up with my brother and sister in law  (Kort and Ginger) and ate at Market Street Grill! oh so flipping good! I had delicious salad, the guys tried oysters, we had spinach dip, then I tried the steerhead(which actually tastes better than salmon) with brussel sprout. to top off the night I endulged and had the BEST dessert EVER!!! the raspberry almond torte! OH.MY.GOSH!! so good! I want one now just thinking about it :) we stayed at the Marriott on University Park(which by the way, I lOVE that hotel) got up the next morning and went to Einstein Bagels for a little breakfast and headed off to Cabelas to let the guys be in their "heaven" then headed on to Target for a little shopping and lunch at Olive Garden. we had a GREAT time. its always nice to get away even for one night!
Today I decided to take the kids to lunch and then bowling. my sister came with her kids. we had a BLAST bowling! we are such goof offs!
Brynlee and Scarlet at the wedding!
the bride and groom
the whole family! (not very easy getting everyone to look at the camera at the same time! )

here we are bowling!!