Thursday, June 25, 2009

SuMmEr tiMe FuN!!

Today we played in the pool and had some fun with the slip n slide! the kids always have so much fun playing in the water. we had our good friends come over and join in the fun! we played until it clouded up and the wind started blowing and it started to sprinkle. even then the kids did not want to come in! I think this will be a daily event if the weather cooperates with us!!

here is Brynlee and Brylee stoppin for a quick drink of water straight out of the slip n slide!!

Brynlee, Porter, and Stockton

Bryn and me tanning!!

Brax is drying off and enjoying the sun!!

Porter slippin and a slidin'

Bryn's turn!

Brax was getting camera happy! :) but don't u love my new swim suit?! I sure do! oh how I love to lay in the sun!!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

camping trip

we went to Fish Lake to go camping this weekend. we had a lot of fun, even though it rained everyday and the mosquitoes were AWFUL!!! we had yummy food, and had a good relaxing time. Thanks Josey and Jenn for coming with us!

Brax target shooting

getting ready to leave...Bryn was being very naughty and would not look at the camera.

yummy smores!

roasting marshmellows!

playin on a stump

Porter choppin away at the stump

bryn and Josey by the fire

her face was SOOO dirty the ENTIRE time!

brax, Jenn, & Bryn sitting around the fire