Saturday, March 29, 2008

DiD i dO SoMEthiNG WRonG?!

so I was getting ready this morning and could hear a funny sound, so I followed it, and I found Brynlee coloring away at a beautiful project on her wall! I ran to grab the camera and when I returned she had hid herself in her closet. me that tells me she knew she wasnt suppose to be coloring on the wall. but i thought it was kind of cute the faces she was pulling at me, (I think I must pull that face at her when she is in trouble)


TinyC said...

Such a lovely blog, My son leaves masterpieces all over the house too!

Jennie said...

wow Tasha,if that's the face you pull when she is getting trouble, then you are one patient momma. My faces look pretty mean and scary. I hope that her "artwork came off" Brooklyn has really been into coloring lately. She colors and draws all day long. luckily she has only colored on the counter and not the wall. knock on wood
but brynlee in the cutest thing ever, so of course i can see why you couldn't stay mad. And I love that she went and hid in the closet. classic

The King Family said...

That is just lovely! Don't you just want to beat them when you see it and then when you see their faces, you think they are so cute! She is so cute! That is hilarious! What a little firecracker she must be for you guys.