Monday, April 20, 2009

Easter 2009 (a little late)

so I am really late getting these pics up, but it has been so busy around here. Easter morning was a little crazy at our house, trying to do our easter egg hunt to find the kids' baskets, to trying to get to church on time because it was my nephew's mission farewell. then after that we had the luncheon followed by two easter egg hunts. one on Josh's side and then my mom did one. so it was a very busy day! but I havn't slowed down even long enough to post the pics.

starting the hunt for their baskets...I made them go on a little scavenger hunt and gave clues as to where their baskets were hidden.

they found their baskets!!! yeah!! oh the excitement

brax showing off some of his goodies.

porter doing the same.

bryn's 2 favorite things in her basket.

I have more pics to post of easter egg hunts, but my mom has them on her camera so I have to get them from her. and of course since it was such a crazed fiasco on easter morning I didnt even get pics of the kids in their easter I will get one and post it.


the coltons said...

step on it, girl!!!! :)

ALICIA said...

Can't wait.

Tina said...

How cute! What a great idea to hide the basket...I am going to try that next year!