Sunday, January 01, 2012

October events

 We had our annual Utley Pumkin Days at the end of October. We ate lots of yummy food, bobbed for apples, and painted and carved pumpkins! Then we went on a wagon ride around town. the kids had a blast!!
                                          Brynlee and her cousin Shaylee stirring the witches brew!!
                                                    painting her pumpkin...PINK of course!!
                                                        bobbin' for apples!!
                                                          cousin Eli got an apple!!
                                              cousin Scarlet's turn to bob for apples
                                     Porter's turn.....looks like he is giving that apple a big kiss!! haha
                                            cousin Violet on the wagon ride!!
             This year for Halloween, Brynlee was a bumblebee! she was the cutes bumble bee around!!
 yep! we even dressed up for the event! haha!!
                                            80's chick!! yep....I am THAT cool!! LOL
                                      Porter went as an old man!! and of course when I took pictures, Braxton was already gone with his friends. And when he came back home, he was already out of his costume. bummer! :(

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