Tuesday, July 01, 2008

sWim TiME

since it was sooo hot outside, the kids wanted to swim, and of course, Brynlee was so excited to swim! she would live in the water if she could! for some reason, she would wear her glasses while swimming and would not take them off. she would jump and fall in the water then flip over to her back and float and start laughing! it was soo funny. we were laughing at her ourselves!!

here she is when she would flip to her back! (note: she still has her glasses on) :)

enjoying the water

Saylor having some fun!

Brax enjoying the water also.

sun-bathing beauty!

gotta have a group picture of course!

Porter....need I say more??!!

this is a video of Brynlee jumping and landing in the water, of course its not the best ones she done cause I had my camera out, but you get the picture of what she was doing! (although you cant see her lips close up they were purple she was so cold, but she could care less)


Bradshaw's Blog said...

Looks like they had fun! We need to get ours out. I LOVE the look on Porter's face. It is so cute!

Lindsay Lou said...

Looks like fun! Its been about 112 here lately! We are roasting! Anyhoo Brynlee is a CUTIE!

The Mathie's said...

that pic of Brinlee totally cracks me up! She looks like she is having the time of her life.

The King Family said...

That is so cute! AND, fun that they have cousins close to play with.