Friday, July 25, 2008

24th of July Celebration

HAPPY 24th OF JULY!! we had a great time celebrating this day. Poor Porter wasn't feeling very well so I didn't get very many pictures taken. I didn't even get one of our family, so I was bummed about that, but oh well. after the parade we went to the park to eat and see what was going on there. Porter got feeling worse, so Josh took him home, while I stayed with the other two. It was fun to see and talk to people I haven't seen in a while. later that day, we went to grandma Mert's and let the kids get wet (of course I forgot to take my camera there) then we finished off the night with the fireworks. what a long day we had!!

awesome & sick Porter

Bryn liked Smokey the Bear

Porter, Jamilee, Ledger Brax, & Bryn watching the parade

baby Trayl sleepin right through the parade

everyone waiting around for the parade to begin

Bryn and Jaggar

my american girl!!

cool Brax

the boys liked the big army tanker

smile Bryn!


marshallfamilyhappenings said...

Good ol 24th!!! I wish I was there. Looks like a blast. So how was the reunion? Were there a lot of people there?

Tasha said...

ha ha there were 13 people there!! its probably because no one got an invitation! even some of the ones that were there only knew about it cause they seen it posted on my blog. how pathetic is that? our 20 year me, Matea, Tara and anyone else that wants to help is in charge of will be awesome.

Kristy said...

Cute pics Tash!! I wanted to come to the reunion, my mom got my invite and told me about it, and I have seen the posts on yours and Mateas blogs. I had to work, and Pierres mom was in town from CA, and with it being the 24th of July weekend, im sure lots of people had other plans!! They should have had it on a different day, not a state holiday weekend. :0) Sad that only 13 people showed up. :0( Who was there?
sad that your little boy wasn't feeling well. That stinks! I hope he gets to feeling better!!

marshallfamilyhappenings said...

I didn't get an invitation, even at my parents house. And Daylemarie didn't know anything about it until about a week before when I called her. It sounds like they weren't able track people down. It would be a HUGE task though and almost impossible. That's a lot to take on. I'll help if I'm around.

Darcee said...

cute blog tasha! looks like you guys are having a fun summer! you will have to check ours out at