Monday, August 04, 2008

Oh what do you do in the SUMMERTIME?!

water balloon fights! swimming in the pool! having yummy treats!

revenge is sweet!! Stacey dunkin Braxton cuz he dumped a bucket of water on her!! so she got him back!

the kids: Porter, Bryn, Say, Bry, Stock,Ledg, & Brax

call me sneaky!

are we having fun or what?!

nothin beats a nice cold punchbag on a hot summer day!

Bryn & Stock playin at the water table

water balloon fight!! yea

more water baloon fun

squeezin a balloon on Ledg! :)

more fightin'

Brylee sittin in the shade!


Jennie said...

oh man Punch bags???? I haVEN'T seen or even Thought of one of those in years!! That brings back so many memories!!

Tasha said...

thats why you need to come down and go to Ideal Dairy!! :) they are just as tasty as they were way back when!

Lindsay Lou said...

love the video..looks like fun!

Gilchrist Gang said...

Hey! That is great that you add me to your blog. I will do the same. Your kiddos are so darn cute and Braxton is all GROWN's so crazy how fast time flys by. Keep in touch.
P.S. Tell Jamilee I am going to add her also. Sailor and Ledger are so cute. Your grandma was showing the new pictures of them last week on her fridge.