Thursday, August 21, 2008


is not so little any more!! He is now officially 7 years old! all he wanted this year was money and thats about all he got. which he was totally happy about. he ended up with $215!!! wow! he couldn't believe he was that rich!! actually, he is saving half to buy a toy he wants. (picture of it at bottom of post) I hope you had a great birthday bud! we love you so much!!

this is a candy poster Auntie Tammy gave him, but of course, before I could get a picture of it with him he had already tore into the candy! (note there is also money)
blowing out the big 7

this year he didn't want a decked out cake (which I was sad about, cuz its fun decorating them, but oh well) he picked out what he wanted on it....pretty plain. but it was his most favorite (and mine) cake...rainbow chip with rainbow chip frosting. yummmm!

they couldn't believe all the money he was getting!!

this is his final show! I'm sooo jealous Porter!!
and this is what he wants to buy with some of his money, he can't wait to go get it!


Bradshaw's Blog said...

He told us that all he wanted was money so he could buy what he wanted and "he could go to Bullies and spend some" if he wanted! He could anything he wanted for quite awhile! I'm glad he's saving some though! Hope you had a GREAT birthday!

The King Family said...

He is such a little Josh, isn't he? I can't believe he is 7. I remember holding him when he was just tiny. They grow up too fast.