Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Pretty Little Princess!

Today was Brynlee's preschool Halloween Party! So they all got to dress up in their costumes for school. Brynlee was so excited!! But due to the terrible weather, I made her wear a pink shirt underneath her costume, and she was NOT happy about that!! I don't really blame her because it doesnt look as cute! :) They were also planning on doing a trunk or treat for the little preschoolers, but again since it was snowing, we just done it indoors, but the kids still had fun!
The pictures are all backwards, and Ididnt want to fix them! :) so....
here is a picture of Brynlee and one of her best friends, Ally.
Two princesses......Belle and Ariel

The whole class! what some cuties!!

Striking a pose! what a goof!!

I had to throw in what her back looked like! it turned out so cute!! we even finished her hair off with some gold glitter!!

can you say EXCITED!!! ........

close up shot

Beautiful Brynlee......(or in this case Belle) :)

another pose!


The Hessey's said...

She is so cute! I miss my girls being little like that. Looks like she had fun!

Jennie said...

She looks beautiful!!! Brooklyn wanted to be a princess, but I love keeping in tradition of the "scary" costumes so she is a bat, a cute bat, of course.
I love her little costume and her beautiful princess hair!! don't you just LOVE Halloween??