Wednesday, December 15, 2010


At the first of the school year, Porter got to go on the anual Gooseberry Field Trip where all the 3rd grade get to go to a little camp and stay overnight and learn about many different things! I got the opportunity to go along with him! (and I got paid to go too...BONUS! thats the perks of working at a school!) anyways we enjoyed being up there and Porter got to learn about Fire Safety, Mapping, ATV Safety, Wildlife, and of course we can't forget about seeing Annie Bangs that night! she was the talk of the whole grade!

                                              This was a live BAT! eewww! sick!

                                                          Ellie the Elephant was even there!
                                           Smokey the Bear stopped by for a visit and we got a group picture!
                                              making the tree cookie! (yep the still do that)

 Then, after a couple of weeks after we got home, the 3rd graders had a program where they sang lots and lots of songs about Gooseberry for the entire school and Smokey the Bear even made a special appearance!!

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the coltons said...

Busy mom! I bet it was fun going with him - I wasn't here for gooseberry and the infamous Annie bangs :)