Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Pumpkin Days and Halloween!

Once again we had our annual Pumpkin Days with the Utleys. we had great food, and great laughs! we always have a good time carving and painting our pumpkins!  But I didn't get any pics of the after looks.
                                        Braxton and Eli (what a good babysitter!)

                                             Porter picking out his pumpkin!
                                                                      Best Friends!
                                                                  Brynlee and Scarlet
                                                   painting their pumpkins!
                              of course we went apple bobbing!! always a good laugh! Porters turn!
                                                                Brynlee's turn!
                                                                  and......she got one! :)
I was TERRIBLE about taking pictures on Halloween! Terrible I say! But here is Brax all decked out!
   Porter....not quite sure what he is suppose to be...I guess some wierd baseball player! LOL he changed his costume about 3 different times!
                                                cute little witch!!!

and then there is this..........
Josh decided it would be a great idea to go and scare people (family members) by just walking in their homes and not saying a word. just walk around and then walk out of the house! he said it was the FUNNIEST thing EVER!! LOL! he said he has never seen some of the people so scared before! Nobody ever thought it was Josh because he normally would not do anything like that! He sure looked scary though! we had a good laugh!!

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the coltons said...

Josh is crazy!!! I can't believe he would do that :) awesome!