Monday, September 08, 2008


20 years ago.....
1. I was 8 1/2 years old. and was in the 3rd grade at Monroe Elementary. my teachers name was Mrs. Peterson. (she still teaches at the same school I went to!)
2. I lived on a farm, which I had to help with the chores: feeding sheep, dogs, horses, chickens, & one goat.
3. my best friend was Vickie (Chaston) Winegar and we played just about every day of our lives!
4. I even had a pet deer! there would always be deer eating in our fields and some how a baby deer would get left behind and it would stay around our house and we would feed it and it would become our pet. (this happened quite a bit)

10 years ago.....
1. lets see..I had just graduated, got married, and had a baby within 2 months! how does that work you ask? well I got married just 2 days after I graduated. then Braxton decided to make his grand entrance 6 1/2 weeks early,yes I was prego before I graduated. so there you have it! (don't ask anymore questions! :) ) 2. we moved twice that year, but stayed in the same town.
3. I was so enjoying my time with my precious baby. he was so much fun. we were so lucky to have him be okay being born that early.
4. I was taking classes to get my associate degree, and just starting to substitute at the elementary school.

5 years ago....
1. I had two little boys ages 5 and 2. Brax was just starting Kindergarten, and I was so sad to see him starting to grow up.
2. Porter would spend a lot of time at his grandma Sheen's house because I was substituting quite a bit at the school.
3. I was still taking classes to get associates, but started taking Elementary Education classes to get my Bachelor's Degree.
4. we were in the process of starting to build our house, and I was so excited!

3 years ago....
1. I was barely pregnant with Brynlee, but I knew all along that she was going to be a girl. I had bought stuff for her room, along with the letters that were in her name, way before I even knew what I was having. that's how sure I was!!
2. Josh and I had been married for 7 wonderful years! at that time we couldn't believe it!
3. I was working in the primary (again) teaching the 4 & 5 year olds.
4. I was basically living in Cedar during the weekdays for the summer block as part of my eduacation classes. which totally sucked!
5. we finished our basement, and were very excited to do so.
1 year ago...
1. was my first year officially working at the elementary school part time. I worked in the afternoons from 12:00 to 3:00 in the Kindergarten and I LOVED it!!
2. Porter was starting Kindergarten.
3. I was called to Young Womens Mia Maid Advisor.
4. Brynlee turned one year old.
5. I went to Tim McGraw & Faith Hills Soul2Soul concert. 3rd row seats baby!!

This Year....
1. We went to the happiest place on earth... Disneyland!!
2. my mother in law passed away after having been diagnosed with brain cancer. she lived for 20 months after being diagnosed :(
3. Josh and I celebrated our 10 year wedding anniversary. yah!
4. I was released from YW and called to Primary (again) to teach the 6 year olds. and it has been a ball!

1. went to church.
2. picked and shucked (sp?) corn to get it ready to freeze.
3. made shrimp Linguine for dinner...yummy!

1. went to work
2. Tamara and I done 58 bags of freezer corn.
3. had to call animal control cause two dogs were chasing the neighbors sheep and goats (neighbors are in California) so we chased them around the yard forever trying to catch them. sorry if they were your dogs.....I was just looking out for the animals like they asked me to :)
4. went and looked at baby chocolate and black labs. aaawww. soo cute

1. going to go to work.
2. probably go grocery shopping. ugh!
3. do some laundry, since that's all I feel like I do.
4. then before I know it, its time for bed.

Next Year....
1. my kids will be 11, 8, (baptism time) and 3. wow, I can't even believe it.
2. I hope to get my yard completed!!!
3. Josh and I will celebrate 11 years. (I hope he will take me somewhere since we never got a honeymoon)
4. I want to have all my updates on my house done. (redoing rooms, painting, decorating, etc...)

Well that was fun! Now I tag.... Jennie, Rachel, Ashley B., Libby and anyone else that would like to try it.


Rachel said...

OK, I did it - check out my answers on my blog.

It was fun to read yours - I can't believe it has been 10 years since you had Braxton. I so remember you pregnant with him. Time flies!

Frehner Family said...

That was a great post. Thanks!

Bradshaw's Blog said...

Time flies!!! (...whether we're having fun or not!)