Monday, September 29, 2008

I'm at it again....

yep, that's right, I'm bottling! This time I done tomato juice. I only done 14 quarts, because I started late and we were planning on going to dinner with some friends on Saturday night, so I didn't want to still be doing them when it was time to go, so I opted for less and figured since there are more tomatoes that need to be picked, I would do more later this week. I was lucky enough to have Josh home, so he was so kind and helped me with it. thanks so much hon, I really appreciate it & love you for it :) We also had lots of help from the kids, which turned out fun cause we were all helping and having good family time!

all the mixins cooking away
Porter said he was in charge of stirring the pot
I had to help a little (making sure it wasn't burning on bottom):)
Can you tell she was a big help?!
both boys were in charge of getting the "leftovers" and putting it in a seperate bowl

the finished product. sure does feel good to get something like this done.


Lindsay Lou said...

okay are you wonder woman or what??? I don't know how you work full time & do all this extra stuff...I'm jealous of all your bottled goods. I didn't know you were such a little "bottler"! You really are wonder woman!!!

ALICIA said...

You are amazing. I don't even go to work all day & I can still come up with some kind of excuse for not bottling. Way to go!!

CORMELS said...

I started bottling last year with applesauce. I will update my blog soon with this year...Peaches, grape Jelly, applesauce and apple slices, apple butter, and unfortunatly nothing else to add to my little storage space. I had fun with it. Maybe next year we will have to get together to do peaches. I bottled 110 quarts of just peaches a few weeks ago. It was fun but much more fun to be done with them:)