Monday, September 29, 2008

Sunday evening we went up to the canyon with good friends of ours, The Roberts family, both the Parsons family, and the Rollins family for a great time. It was great enjoying each others company, the beautiful leaves, and the awesome food. Thanks everyone for coming and having a good time.

the leaves were amazing up there!

Tad, Becky, & Kendi Rollins

Jenn, Brylee, Kendi, Becky, Brax, Linsey, Stacey, & Porter

Josh, Tad, Reggie, & Trayl

Josey and Jenn

What a goof!

Stockton & Brynlee had sooo much fun! they were sliding down the hill on their bums!

getting the fire going! Brax, Port, Lance, & Josh

Reggie & Trayl

me & Brylee

the boys were excited to finally get the fire going

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Blackham said...

That looks like so much fun. It really makes me sad we don't live right there anymore, so we can go do fun stuff like that with all you guys. I sure miss it. Someday hopefully we will be back. Hope everything is going good. Talk to you later, Ash