Sunday, October 19, 2008

10 Things I Can't Live Without....

Jennie tagged me on 10 things I cannot live without...well most of these are things that I just simply DON'T want to live without!! (they are my comforts) :)

#1: of course my husband Josh.
I dont know where I would be without him. He is the best thing that has happened to me and he is the best father to our kids.

#2: definitely my kids! they are my everything. of course, they can be little turkeys at times, but I still wouldnt trade them for anything.

#3: the church, I wouldnt be here where I am without it. (I put this picture of Christ instead of an actual church, because I absolutely love this pic, it is one of my very very favorites)

#4: lets just say I have serious issues with this....I LOVE LOVE LOVE to shop. whether it be for me, Josh, the boys, or of course my favorite Brynlee. its just sooo much fun to buy for little girls!

#5: I seriously could just eat chocolate all day long! it doesn't really matter what kind, but I do get on kicks where I only feel like a certain kind, then it switches to another kind. I feel like eating some :)

#6: my cell phone. well actually any phone will do for me. whether its talking or texting, I like it

#7: DR. PEPPER....yummy! I seriously could not live without it. if I don't get atleast one everyday, lets just say I am not the happiest person :)

#8: um hello, blogging! I seriously could sit in front of my computer for hours at a time. if you ask my hubby, he would say I already do! (somedays its close) whether its blogging, emails, shopping, or even browsing, I'm there.

#9: DVR... I record all my shows I can't get to and watch them at night or after I get home from work. (cause the boys are still at school and Bryn's taking a nap)

#10: my camera. ya I wish mine was this nice! but I love taking pictures of the kids. (so I can blog about it later) well some of them anyways. but its so I can scrapbook them, if I could ever keep caught up!!

Well there it is....all my wonderfull things I DONT want to live without. Now I tag.... Rachel, Lindsay B., Amy M, Liz, and anyone else wanting people to know about your crazy must haves!!


Lindsay Lou said...

Thanks for the tag! jk. I'll do it this evening. I like your 10 things. Im sure mine will be sorta the same:)

AMY said...

I'm with ya on just about every "thing". Funny how we get so addicted! I'll try and post mine tonight at work. :)

The King Family said...

That is so sweet. It was good to see you for a minute. You are darling and I just love ya! Maybe next time we should get together. :)

Tara Redd said...

THose are all definite must have's!!! Your family pic turned out way cute!!! see ya soon!!