Saturday, October 25, 2008

PumpKiN dAyZ!!

It's that time of year again!! Today was our yearly Pumpkin Days at Grandpa and Grandma Utley's house. We started it off with of course.... food!! boy was it delicious! yummy! we then bobbed for apples, (yes even I did it,and I was the first to get an apple. thank you, thank you! but sorry no pics of me) then we painted and carved pumpkins, decorated cupcakes and make blood shot eyeballs! We had a blast, and can't wait until next year!!

Uncle Maury G. starting off the apple bobbin'

Brax tryin it out

Now Porter's turn

Bryn was hesitant about doing it. here she is thinking about it.

finally deciding to dive in...

YEA!! she got one! :) she was sooo excited to get one too. I couldn't believe she could actually do it.

cousin Scarlett painting her pumpkin

Bryn painting oh so carefully. and of course its....PINK

Stockton decided Bryn needed to have some body art :) they all had so much fun painting (yes I did take her pants off, less mess! paints easier to get off of legs than clothes :) )

Porter carving his pupkin all by himself!

frosting her cupcake.

brax diggin out the goo

His finished product

Porters finished products. I think you can tell which one he did all by himself!


Lindsay Lou said...

Looks like fun!
ps. love the cute flower in bryn's hair:):):)

Jericca said...

I am soooooo sad we had to miss it!!! It looks like you guys had a blast. We WILL be there next year!!!

ALICIA said...

What a fun tradition!!

the coltons said...

you guys are so cute :) what a great tradition