Friday, October 31, 2008

hApPY HaLLoWeEn!!

Happy Halloween everyone!! this is one of my favorite holidays, why you might ask.....

well of course, because I get to dress up with my kids!! :) (and also cause I work at the school and we have a parade that people from the community can come and watch. I don't have any pics of the parade, cause of course I was in it, but maybe my mom took some, and I can steal some from her. but the others are at school during the halloween parties in Porters and Braxtons classrooms.

Bryn walked (more like I carried her) through the parade with me. arrr matey!

this is out of place... its at my moms when we went trick or treating

group shot. yes we were all pirates except one. (didnt realize that one till I had bought all the costumes. oopps) it was pretty funny though cause he would tell everyone he was a "stow away" on our ship.

this is a couple kids from Brax's class.
Easton, Tanner, Brax, and Bridger

captain Jack Sparrow

China man.. anyone want ham frie rie?!

Porters halloween class picture

Porter and his teacher Mrs. Issa


Bradshaw's Blog said...

Your pictures turned out good, I need to get the class one from you.

Jennie said...

Cute cute costumes! You and Bryn look so cute! How fun

ALICIA said...

You all looked so cute.

Lindsay Lou said...

Cute costumes!!! Love Bryn's pirate cap!

Amy said...

Brinley would look cute in a garbage sack. That girl is the cutest! All the costumes were great...after stopping by your mom's Halloween night, I can say you come by your love of Halloween honestly!

The King Family said...

You guys looks so cute!