Friday, December 05, 2008

aNd AnOtHEr...

I found this on a friends blog and thought it would be fun. so I gave it a try.
I am: way excited for christmas
I know: that even though my kids fight with each other, they still LOVE each other.
I enjoy: having a girls night out
I want: my husband's back to get strong again
I have: my bathrooms that are in need of a cleaning
I dislike: that my kids don't know how to keep their rooms picked up
I miss: my kids while at work
I smell: the scent of popcorn. my kids just popped some
I cry: when i see someone I love crying. ya I am a cry baby
I search: for peace and quiet right now! both my boys have friends over :)
I wonder: what I am going to fix for dinner tonight.
I regret: not being able to do it all
I love: when all my kids are playing nicely
I care: too much about how my house should look
I worry: that I will loose another person close to me
I remember: that things happen for a reason
I believe: that when its all said and done, everything will be ok
I dance: not like I used to!
I don't: like to get up in the mornings
I argue: with the kids to clean up after themselves
I write: not near enough down of what my kids have said that i want to remember
I win: because i'm the mom and i said so
I lose: when my 2 year old cries to her daddy
I wish: that i could make sure nothing bad would ever happen to any loved one
I listen: to my bryn tell me she wants to watch little mermaid too often
I am scared: of loosing someone close to me again
I need: to get caught up on my scrapbooking, its just too overwhelming sometimes. (I would like someone to just make pages for me so that all i have to do is put pics on and journal...aaaww....that would be nice)
I forget: things all too frequently
I am happy: that i have a wonderful husband and three beautiful and healthy children

that was kind of hard...but fun. go ahead and give it a try.


Jennie said...

cute! I love reading those! I and love that you lose when brynlee cries to her daddy, because that is exactly what happens at our house too!! ahhg!
hey will you email me your address so i can send you guys a christmas card?

The King Family said...

I loved that. I want to do it. AND, love the gingerbread houses. So cute, your kids are growing up too fast. You need to have more. :)