Monday, December 29, 2008

ChRiStmAs rEcAp...

wow I can't even believe Christmas has come and gone and we are approaching the new year. time sure does fly!! we went to my mom and dad's for christmas eve and ate yummy food, then played christmas bingo, (where the kids get gifts when they win) and read the christmas story as the little ones acted out. yes, it gets a little hectic with 11 kids trying to act it out. then it was time to open our christmas eve presents (always pjs). this year we opened our gift exchange with everyone that night cause my little sis had to go back to Lehi that night so she wasnt there for christmas day. the kids had a blast with all their gifts. we then went home and it was off to sleep we went. dont worry, i forgot my camera most of the time. yes i deserve... MOTHER of the YEAR award!

its christmas morning....what did everyone get?!

Bryn got a doll house, strawberry shortcake movie, baby doll, clothes and other stuff.

Brax got playstation 2 with few games, a cell phone, clothes, cd, and few other things. Porter got a basketball hoop and movie, clothes a other small things. we also got them Guitar hero. (which is a TOTAL blast!!)
after seeing what santa had left at our house, we went back to my moms to have breakfast. we do this every year. and we give them their gifts. then its back to our house to play with our toys and get ready for the day. then it was off to Johnny and Karis house for our Utley christmas party. more eating, laughing, playing guitar hero, more eating and finding out we are adding not one but TWO new little ones in 2009!! (thats not including Tara's either, so really we will have 3) and dont get your hopes up....mother, its not me expecting either! so this is the result after a very long and exciting day of non-stop plauying with cousins and having TONZ of fun!!

hope everyone had a great christmas....I know we did!!


Frehner Family said...

Looks like an awesome Christmas. Corby and I love guitar hero also. We have been playing for a few years now and I am still on the beginner mode but as you can imaging Corbster rips it up. We have it on the Wii so we can play friends all over the country. Does the Playstation do that? If so we ought to get together and jam! Happy New Year!

Frehner Family said... me your phone number and lets get together for sure. I don't know what your schedule is like but we have Corby home with us after tonight, until Monday morning. So for sure. Let me know when it works best for you guys and lets jam!

the Lola Letters said...

Your kids are so cute! Looks like a great Christmas!

Lindsay Lou said...

LOOKS LIKE YOU ALL HAD A GREAT CHRISTMAS!!! i'm a little sad its all over...sniff sniff:(:(:(

marshallfamilyhappenings said...

What a busy and fun Christmas! I bet it's crazy having both families in the same town on Holidays but makes it so fun too!

AMY said...

You pic of Bryn is sooo cute! That's how we all felt. And I'm dying to know who's expecting this year?