Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Google Tag

Type the following things into Google (image) and see what comes up. its pretty fun!

First Name :Tasha

Middle Name: Payne. well since I don't have one I used my maiden name
Last Name: Utley

Favorite Past time: Shopping!
Age: I need to enjoy this number... it will be gone in a couple of weeks!!

Nickname: well babe is my number one that Josh calls me but when I googled that, well lets just say that I wasnt going to post any of those pics. so I went with the next one he calls me which is honey.

something on my wish list: that would be my back yard completed!

AND.... this
a new car.
Favorite movie: well right now its Christmas Vacation.
BUT... my all time fav is this
Dream Vacation: Hawaii. well any place would be great.
Occupation: teacher

Favorite Holiday: Christmas

Favorite snack: Banana Split....yummy!!

Favorite Color: Pink

Favorite Food: Seafood

anybody who wants to try this, check it out!

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