Thursday, January 22, 2009

wHaT a GiRL....

This girl is always doing something funny!
I was in loading the dishwasher and cleaning up the kitchen and Bryn
kept coming in and getting some of my cooking utensils.
I could hear her in her room making racket and saying,
"mmm...this corn is good."
all while smacking her lips together. she loves to help me cook
so her doing this is so her. so I had to snap a few pics cause she is
just a funny little girl!

wisking away!

she heard the camera, so she looked up and smiled. :)


The King Family said...

She is just an adorable little girl. So girly and so dang cute!

Lindsay Lou said...

cutie girl!!! Love the little kitchen set!

Blackham said...

She is a little Beauty just like her moma! Your little family is so cute. We sure miss living down the street. Hope all is good. Talk to you later