Tuesday, May 19, 2009

ear tube success!!!

Bryn went in this morning and had ear tubes put back in her ears for the second time. she did sooo good! I was really worried about it because it was a little later in the morning than I had wanted and usually as SOON as she wakes up she is asking for juice. But she didn't even ask for it once! she was actually excited to be there at the hospital and thought it was pretty cool. we got there 7:45 a.m. and they didnt take her back until 9:15. so it was kind of a long wait, but she passed the time with coloring and watching cartoons. I walked her back to the OR doors and handed her over to the nurse, and that is when she looked at me with her little eyes tearing up and said mommy. that was a little hard for me cause I could only imagine having your mom hand you to a complete stranger and take you back into a big scary room and lay you on a table. I just sat there wondering what she was thinking! I am sure she was SCARED to DEATH. so anyways as soon as she got done, they came and got me and I went back there and she was still sleeping. she soon woke up, she said ouch my toe hurts. (cause they had the moniter on it) and pulled it off. she didn't cry ONCE!! she wasnt even irritated or nothing. I was sooo happy for that. she just sat up and wanted some juice and her blanket. so it went very well and we are happy that she has them in again, so now she might quit getting those darn ear infections!

showing our bracelets...

all suited up and ready to go...

she might just be the HAPPIEST little patient EVER!!

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the coltons said...

okay, how CUTE is she in that cap??? how can little kids pull anything off? :)

glad she was such a tough one!