Saturday, May 02, 2009

Josh and I made a quick trip up to Sugar House to help Kort and Ginger move into their new house. we went up last night and stayed the night then helped them move most of today. it was a quick trip but it was sure nice to just get away for little bit to spend time with each other. it was soo great to see them and spend the day with them. so I didn't take any pictures of anyone, but I sure did remember to take them of the food we ate!!! leave it to me to do that :) but it all was soooo yummy!! pics are not too great since they were taken with my phone.
this is last nights dinner, we ate at Market Street Grill and it is sooo freakin good let me tell you. I had the fresh atlantic salmon with pan fried green beans and boiled potatoes. oh it is seriously the BEST salmon you will EVER have!!

this was lunch is pizza from the pie pizzaria. this is seriously the best pizza I have ever eaten. this is the vegetarian one and it was awesome!!!

this is what we ate on the way home. we stopped at Liberty Heights there in Sugar House before we headed for the freeway and got us some awesome sandwiches. this one is soo good. its turkey with sun dried tomatoes, avacodo, brie cheese. it has the crusty bread, like brushetta that is oh so delish!!

so ya we pretty much ate the entire time we were away, but it is all so good, be have to get it all when we come up!!! makes me want to eat all of it AGAIN!!


The Gleave's said...

I didn't know Kort and Ginger got a new house, thats awesome. Looks like you had fun and all the food you ate looked yummy..

Kristy said...

my husband and I LOVE The Pie Pizzaria. We will drive to Salt Lake just to go there for dinner then come home. It is WAY good pizza!! Definatleyy worth the trip!!