Monday, May 18, 2009

pLaNTinG tHe GaRDeN wiTh gRanDpA!!

Brynlee seen grandpa in his garden while she was playing outside on her swingset this morning and ran down to see what he was up to. well she found him planing the corn in the garden, so grandpa was PATIENT enough to let her help him. it was soo cute! he would dig the hole, and she would put the corn kernels in the hole and he would then cover it up. they got 2 rows done together, and then we had to go. She had fun helping grandpa, this was her first year helping plant and she thought it was the coolest thing!

proud planters!!!


the coltons said...

awww, what a GOOD grandpa. this is so cute, i'm glad you have pictures of these kinds of things for her when she gets bigger :)

looks like fun!!!

Three Guys and a Gal said...

So I am a total blog stalker usually I just view and move one. This post however I LOVE! It so reminds me of home! I LOVE LOVE LOVE your inlaws! SO CUTE!