Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas Recap!

We had a GREAT Christmas this year! The kids got what they wanted, we ate yummy food, and had a great time with family!! what more could you ask for?! On Christmas Eve day, the kids played in the snow because there was so much of it!! 8 inches at our house!! they had so much fun in it! Josh pulled Porter and Brynlee around in the sled, and had a lot of fun! Porter got dumped a few times! Then we went to my moms house that night to eat and play Christmas Bingo, open our Christmas Eve presents which were jammies, act out the nativity, and watch a little video of the true meaning of Christmas.....Our Savior! It was short but very sweet!! It showed pics of Jesus from birth to when he was older, while the song O Holy Night was playing! it was awesome!! Then it was time to head home and go to sleep! We got up at 7 on Christmas morning to see what Santa brought everyone! The kids had a great morning! We then headed back down to my moms to eat breakfast and open gifts from them! all the kids got T.V. blankets that my mom made (so she made 11 of them) and each a movie! they loved them!! we then headed home to get ready for the day and head up to the other side of the family for lunch and gift exchange! (I forgot my camera for this, darn it!)
We hope everyone had a great day like we did!!
Now on to the New Year!!

She was so excited to get Snow White!

A new DS game

yay!! just what he wanted! LOL now he can shave his "Rico" mustache!! haha

walkin in to see what Santa brought!
Christmas Eve....
showing off her new jammies and slippers!

Braxton's new pjs

Porter's new pjs

posing for a pic! showing off the new jammas!

dont ask me what they are doing here! maybe too much excitement?!
having fun though!!

Christmas Eve day! playing in the SNOW

Porter gettin it good with the snow!!

got him!!

ready for some more!!


Anonymous said...
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Blackham said...

Cute Cute kids you have. Glad you had such a great Christmas. Hope you have a great New Years.

marshallfamilyhappenings said...

I can't believe how big your oldest is!!! He looks like a freakin teenager!