Monday, December 21, 2009

well its here.....

It's official....I have hit the big 3-0! WOW! I remember when I was younger thinking that 30 was SO old! well now that I am here it is far from that! LOL It was all around a pretty good day! I went to 2 sacrament meetings (because my cousin had his homecoming and then we went to my own ward and then taught my primary class) then went to my moms house for our annual gingerbread house party! we ate yummy homemade clam chowder and vegetable beef soup! we then started our gingerbread houses and got a suprise visit from the jolly old man himself! the kids were so excited to FINALLY tell santa what they wanted for Christmas since it was almost here! We had a blast and I enjoy keeping the traditions going and really do appreciate my mom for doing this every year even when there is chaos!

P.S....the pics are all in reverse order....

P.P.S.....I was too lazy to fix them, so you can start from the bottom and work up if you would like! :)

ALL the grandkids getting a pic showing their finished gingerbread houses!

Porter telling Santa what he wants for xmas

Brynlee's turn....

Braxton telling the big man what he wants! (he thinks he is too old to sit on santa's lap, but he wouldn't receive a present if he didnt sit! haha

I was taking pics of kids workin away at their gingerbread houses and this is what happened!! he just LOVES his auntie!!

Porters house

Brynlee's house! she did such a good job at making hers. she told me where to put the frosting and then she went to town on it!

Dad and Porter working very hard!

Braxton concentrating

she kept picking at the goods on her house!

working away!

Grandpa helping Braxton get his house together.

waiting patiently to start decorating

putting the house together....

Thanks again mom for another night of fun and memories!! (even if we did struggle with those darn gingerbread houses and got frosting ALL over everything! and Ledger's house struggled for a while and sprinkles were dumped all over, and some gingerbread houses fell apart long after we were done with them!) those are the good memories, right?!?!

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