Friday, December 18, 2009

so I am major slacking in the bloggin department. But I do have good reason....I have been busy! (that good enough?) Anyways, we have done a lot since my last post, but no pictures at the moment. The first of December, we got to go down the Las Vegas to the NFR! first time ever!! It was so much fun!! It was so nice to get away and hang out with family, laugh and have a great time!! of course I left my darn camera sitting on the computer desk at home. NICE!! I also have started working full time the first of December at the school, and never thought it would be that hard to switch from 4 hours a day to 6, but WOW!! I sure don't have the time I used to have to get things done! :)
Last weekend we got together with Josh's side of family and make TONS and TONS of sugar cookies! yes I did take pics, but I am too lazy right now to upload them :) Then the next night we done our annual Utley Family Christmas Caroling! This year we rode on a haywagon, boy was it COLD!! (I think half of us got sick from it) But anyways, we each pick a family to go and sing to and deliver a small basket of goodies to. I pretty much choose the same people every year! :) Just cause I LOVE them! (and they love me :) ) LOL! Love ya Barbara and Michelle!
Last night was Braxton's middle school Christmas Dance. I also took pics of it, but they all turned out kind of dark, so that's that! other than that I have been so busy getting ready for Christmas that I dont have time to do anything else! there's the news on us this last little while!

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