Saturday, September 11, 2010

Porter's Birthday!!

Porter turned 9 on August 21st! I just can't believe he is that old already! it seems like just yesterday he was 2! Porter is a pretty good kid when he wants to be!! he loves being outdoors! his favorite new thing is his rip-stick he bought with his birthday money! he rides that sucker everywhere and loves it! he is pretty darn good with it too! his dad is pretty good with it too! :) me....not so much! LOL! I can't seem to stay on it! This kids got attitude!! when he is in trouble or doesnt want to do something, we all know it! :) we are working on that :) but he is getting better the older he gets! But he can also be the sweetest boy ever! We love ya bud, and hope you had an awesome birthday!

Krew enjoying those blue frosting cupcakes!!this is what Porter wanted instead of a cake! frosting + lots of little kids=stained faces and MESSY!!

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