Saturday, September 11, 2010

Utley Family Reunion....

This year the Utley Family Reunion was held on July 16-18. Kelly was in charge of it so we went to Fishlake! we had a lot of fun, even with the mosquitoes that about ate us alive!! seriously....they really did! we all had so many bites it was CRAZY!! my poor niece got bit all over her face, and when she woke up the next morning she looked awful! her poor face was so swollen she could barely see! so sad! the kids had projects they did, and colored shirts again this year. we had some GREAT food, good laughs, lots of rain and cold, but we had fun!! I of course forgot my camera, so i didnt get really any of my kids since I didnt have my darn camera! so heres what I stole from other family memebers! :)

Grandpa, Kathleen, and all the grandkids that were there!
Brynlee and Traylfamily picture...
this is my poor niece Scarlet, seriously...this picture does NOT do it justice~you seriously could not tell she
 even had a nose if you looked at her profile!

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