Sunday, July 26, 2009

24th of July Festivities...

This is one of my most FAVORITE holidays!! I love that it lasts for 3 days. It starts off with the 3 on 3 for the little kids on the 22nd, followed by the Childrens Parade, BBQ, and 3 on 3 for adults on the 23rd, and then on the 24th there is the parade, the activities on the park, yummy food is found there, and running into friends from the past, and then in the evening is the fireworks. The kids have a ball all 3 of those days.
Brax at the parade

Bryn and me loading up her bag with candy

Porter and his cousin Parker

Gabby helping Brynlee get candy....

so happy to be here!!

everyone from the sidelines....
(my dad, Lori, Jamilee holding Krew, Aunt Suzy, Jake, Braxton, and my mom in front)

Jake (oh so serious) and Braxton

Porter watching the parade

Love these 3 kiddos!!!

After the parade we went to the park and ate some yummy food, played a few games, and ran into "friends from the past" that I hadn't seen in YEARS!! It was so good to see everyone!!
(thanks Laura for taking a pic, I stole it from you :) )

Taryn, Tiffany, Me & Laura
After all the fun we had at the park, we went to the Lundgreen Family Reunion at the other park. (sorry no pics...I forgot my camera) We had a great time catching up with everyone and had some good laughs. It was so good to see everyone! They were serving watermelon and Brynlee told them that she didn't want a little one, and that she wanted a BIG one! so this is what they gave her.......

and she was in HEAVEN!!!

waiting for the fireworks to begin...

Bryn and me

Brax with the sparklers

Gabby and Bryn at the 3 on 3
go Porter, go Porter, go Porter!!!
Porter got to play in the 3 on 3 for his first time! he was so excited he could play! his team did really good. they got second place! (second place prizes were actually better than the first place prizes, they got a new basketball while first got a little trophy) his team did awesome!! he made new friends that night also!

way to go team RIM RIDERS!!

the RIM RIDERS....Cooper Hessey, Emmit Hafen, Porter, & Trey Simms

getting careful instructions from the coach...

we had so much fun this year! we are sad that its all over and we have to wait another year for it! But we made some fun memories that will last a lifetime!

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Mindy said...

How fun! I miss Monroe!!!