Tuesday, July 28, 2009

She should have been born a FISH!!

Seriously....she should be a fish! this girl could swim ALL day and ALL night long if I would let her!! she loves the water. She is NOT afraid of anything. She dives in and goes underwater and loves EVERY bit of it! :) She will swim even when she is shivering half to death and her lips are turning blue. she doesn't care at all. she has so much fun playing in the pool.

here is a little video of her swimming! she is so funny!!


Kristy said...

That sounds like my Belle!! In fact, were going swimming today because she has been asking me several times a day for the past few days to go swimming in the "big pool" not her "baby pool". So...looks like were going swimming. LOL.

Blackham said...

She is such a dolly! I'm sure Kaige will be chasing her some day. Watch out another Nick on the loose!