Saturday, July 11, 2009

Seven Peaks and new baby cousin....

I took the kids up to Seven Peaks this past Wednesday. They had a BLAST!! It was really hot and crowded. I couldn't believe how many people were there during the middle of the week. Brynlee really enjoyed the rides! she didnt even want to play in the little kid ones, she wanted to ride on the BIG rides! and then the wind blew towards the evening and it started to get chilly. So Bryn and Slade didn't want to play in the water anymore, so we sat on the grass and enjoyed cups of ice cold water! :)

But overall, we had a great time and can't wait to go back!! after our Seven Peaks adventure, we slept at my sisters house in Lehi and then woke up Thursday and headed up to Sugar House to see the new baby! Bryn absolutely LOVED him! He is so small that he just fits into her arms like her babies do. she is such a little mommy and loves taking care of babies, even real ones!~ :) we spent the day hanging out with Kort and Ginger and their two little ones and had a great time. Then it was time to come home. We had a great time!!

The purple and blue slides were Brynlee's favorite!!

Here is Parker just after he come off of a ride.

Porter just getting off a slide....I was waiting at the bottom to catch him coming out of the slide but missed him...nice huh?!

Slade enjoying the sun and chicken in a bisquite crackers!

I told Bryn to smile and this is what i got....lovely!

Brax coming off a slide

Braxton coming out of Cave In....a favorite for all the kids! he is the only one I got a pic of coming out of a slide! Its a little hard to take pics of the kids especially if you are on the rides yourself!! :)

Here is Eli Kort Utley!! he was born on June 29! he weighed 5lbs. 14 oz. he is such a tiny little thing! Brynlee absolutely loved him and couldnt get enough of him!

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