Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Payne Family Reunion

We went camping for the 4th of July weekend for the Payne Family Reunion. We had a great time, although the mosquitoes were AWFUL!!! the weather was unpredictable, it was really nice Thursday and Friday, but rained Saturday. it would be cold and then hot in a matter of seconds. But we still had a good time. we ate awesome food and played games. the kids rode their motorbikes pretty much the entire time! It was great to escape to the mountains for a few days and just relax and have a good time. although, we did miss my two sisters, they couldn't make it. hopefully, next year they will be able to come!!

couldnt get a pic with all of them looking, as usual!:)

bryn and grandpa...she had to have izzy in the pic.

brax riding his motorbike.

Porter, Hayden and Landen gettin ready to head out on a ride.

the only fish that was caught the whole time!

morghan tryin to catch a fish

bryn managed to catch a frog instead of a fish! this was the highlight of her trip!!

bryn and dad. showing us the frog

mom and bryn playin with the frog

porter, hayden, and porter dowell

bryn and porter watchin dad fish


Jennie said...

that brings back so many memories of the good old Monroe mountain days. Its so crazy that we are the moms now and it's our kids that are on the adventures!

Kristy said...

looks like you guys had fun!! I love camping!!

Tasha said...

Wish I was there but I must say California was made for me and I loved every minute of the it. The beach the pool the suntanning the list is to long. But i will be there next time sista.
love ya