Monday, July 16, 2012

All Star Baseball

After regular season, Porter was selected to be on the 10 year old All Star Baseball team! What a great group of young boys they are! Porter played awesome and almost every time he was up to bat, he either hit the ball or got walked! There were only a few times out of the whole season where he struck out! He is such an awesome little player! He mostly played short stop or second base. occassionaly he played first base. Being such the AWESOME mom that I am, I totally got only these 2 pictures that are from STATE! Yes, that would be the VERY last day of playing ball! I am kicking myself in the bum for that one!! Anywho, these boys played so good! They ended up taking 2nd in State! Heck yes, we will take that!!! Way to go Porter! You played awesome this year!! (Oh, and great job to the handsome hubs...he helped coach! He looks sexy in those baseball pants!! :)  )

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