Monday, July 16, 2012

 We had our annual Utley Family Reunion this past weekend. July 12-15. Josh and I were in charge this year.Let me tell you, that it is HARD work planning something like that! You have to worry about how much food to bring and who brings what....WHEW...its exhausting!  We pretty much got rained on the entire time! It was freezing cold to top it all off! But we had fun still!! We ate GREAT food as always! Had good laughs and enjoyed being in the mountains! We tye-dyed tshirts, which turned out pretty awesome! The guys had horseshoe tournaments and the girls all watched and cheered them on! :) The kids kept themselves entertained playing in the little trees we had around our campground! I had so many things planned for us to do, but due to the weather, that kind of went out the window! :(  The weather did manage to work with me on Saturday evening, so I was able to make my homemade doughnuts and boy were they a HIT! Everyone  LOVED them!!! I think I made close to 200 of those suckers!  Hopefully next year it will not be so rainy and cold!
 MarKell and Brynlee with Grandpa Ron We sure do miss our Grandma Sheen!! :(

Braxton was the only one of my kids I got with their tye-dyed shirts! I wrapped it, and he dyed it!! I would say he did a pretty good job on it!!
 Violet eating on some yummy watermelon!
 Krew and Hadlee playing around in the trees
 Most of the grandkids with Grandpa right before he left! (We should have all left when he did, cause after that it POURED and we got SOAKED trying to take down camp!! )
 Braxton found a rock hill the day we left and thought he was king of the world LOL
 Wait...WHAT?? You mean I got more than one picture of this kid?? That is a miracle!! :)
 This is what happens to you when you are in the mountains for 4 days in the rain and cold!! WE.ARE.SO.SPECIAL!!! hahah!!! hey, atleast we have fun! :)

Brax taking Bryn on a four wheeler ride.....then they had a small wreck and Bryn bit her lip...HARD! it was soo swollen she couldn't even talk. It is still trying to heal! Good thing that was all that happened to them!!

Eli, Scarlet, and Brynlee staying warm in the trailer because it was nice and cold outside!

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